Thursday, November 3, 2011

Poem of The Day

Dream World
Come to a place where no one judges you off your race
Where It's all about what's in your heart and not the color on your face
War, poverty, and crime doesn't pay or play apart in society
And true friends are always right beside of me
Guns don't spray like perfume
And people don't hide behind a mask like a costume
Fathers are in every household and every female uses their mind
True Hip Hop will come back in this day of time
A place where I don't need rispedal and lexapro
Depression and this stress in me, I can't let it go
Cops will stop trying to locked us up in cages like apemen
And more black males will go to Penn State instead of the State Pen
Police Brutality would've ended after Rodney King and Sean Bell
Where there's dreams like King and I could share these raw tales
This pregnacy rate for teens will drop faster than bad habits
No bombs over Baghdad, bad dads or crack addicts
A womans Love will keep you, Good overpowers Evil
I can be the ambassardor for young people
People will really give and stop taking and stop scheming
But let me wake up from this dreaming

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